Ettore Minore


Founder and CEO of Intertrade Market Italy, Italy-Shareholder and Company Director for I.T.M. ltd of Hong kong (S.A.R.)-Main shareholder and CEO for YI HUA (TIANJIN) FOOD TRADING CO. LTD  of Tianjin , China (PRC)    EDUCATION LEVEL:1991, Master degree in  Sociology ScienceSpecializations:-1999, Title of Professional  Advertiser Technician  (TPP)-2006, Finance Market in China at Chambre de Commerce  Francaise (CCF)

INTERNATIONAL WORK EXPERIENCES:-2012-3, Signed Cooperation Agreement for the development of boat field in the district of Tianjin Airport Economic Area and Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, in China (PRC)-2009-2012, Professional Training in financial, economic and turistic fields , in cooperation with CFTERC (Chongqing Foreign TRade and Economic Relations Commission) in China (PRC)-2008, Organization for CCIA Milano, Promos, Confindustria Monza e Brianza’s delegation in Chongqing, China (PRC)-2008, Development Project for personal digital identifying system in the PRC, that would have created a joint-venture authorized by Chinese central government, between Sistemia spa and Chongqing CCPIT  (China Council for the promotion of International Trade)-2008, Cooperation Agreements signed for development of Chinese football professional industry with the Vice President of Chinese Association-2007, Agreements signed between and CCC (China Chamber of Commerce of Chongqing ) with the aim of facilitation development between Italy and China (PRC) for import/export of machineries and electronic products-2007, Signed a Cooperation Agreement with CCPIT for development of industrial district of Nan’an

SEMINARS AND CONFERENCES:-22  November 2013, Lecturer in the Conference “ New Areas of Interest for the Economic and Legal Professions”, at University Tor Vergata in Rome  -7th   December 2012, Lecturer in the Conference “ Small and Medium Companies”, at University Tor Vergata, in Rome -25th November 2011, Organizer and Lecturer in the Conference “China Legal and Fiscal Congress” at Carpegna Palace in Rome -24th June 2011, Organizer and Lecturer in the Conference “China International Congress” at Abano Terme, PAdova (Italy)

PUBLICATIONS :-2011, E.Minore-Qing Cong, “Foreign Investment in Banking Industry in PRC”-2011, E.Minore-Qing Cong,”PRC Tax System for Foreign Investors”-2011, E.Minore-F.Fabbiani, “Italia-Cina Normative di applicazione fiscal e CFC”-2007, E.Minore, “Creare impresa in Cina”-2006, E.Minore, “Comprendere la Cina”