Luigi Mastrangelo

Luigi started his consulting career at Arthur Andersen in March 2002 before moving to Deloitte in November of the same year. His experience has focused on regulatory needs and new technologies/process improvements, and in his current role as partner, he leads strategic transformation programs for the main Italian and international banking groups. Throughout his career, he has gained nearly 15 years of experience in the financial services industry with a special focus on the banking sector.

As partner, his role is to ensure the overall quality of projects, provide strategic advice and oversee the entire Deloitte team delivery.

In the past few years, Luigi has also supported the data governance function as Data Architect, defining the logical data model and data process re-engineering by leading several programs designed to build up data warehouse/common group repositories.

More recently, he has been in charge of setup risk data aggregation projects (referring to BSBC 239) and re-design of information and analytics systems/models concerning group, customer and product, covering the entire performance management process. In addition, he has led finance transformation projects aimed to integrate CFO and CRO areas. Consequently, these experiences have allowed him to work with new and upcoming technologies such as Big Data and digital innovation.

Moreover Luigi is an active member of several Deloitte international groups. In particular he leads an international working group focused on fund transfer price solutions (from inception to implementation)

During his career, Luigi has also acquired vertical experience in the CFO and CRO areas, including:

– Vertical aspects of CFO areas like Treasury, Accounting and Performance Measurement (with a focus on both the Commercial Network side and on Treasury and Market)

– Vertical aspects of the CRO side like liquidity and interest rate risk, Stress Testing, Asset Quality Review and ICAAP process